Senior Research Scientist @ Dataminr

135 Madison Avenue, Fl 10

New York, NY 10016

About Dataminr:

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I am a Senior Research Scientist at Dataminr (Jan 2022-present). In Dataminr, I contribute to building and scaling novel algorithms to perform Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Entity Linking (EL) on billions of messages per day (both English and multilingual messages). In addition, I contribute to creating novel algorithms to detect Misinformation in messages with respect to specific domains such as COVID and Elections. My research interests are natural language process, data mining, information retrieval, and knowledge graphs induction.

Previously I was a Research Staff Member and a Master Inventor (2021-2024) at IBM T. J. Watson Research Labs, NY (Aug 2016-present) and work in the ai-hybrid cloud team where I was leading or co-leading the following projects: Tackle Containerization Advisory (ACA) (link) and Transforming Monoliths to Microservices (Mono2Micro)(link)

I have published papers in conferences such as ESEC/FSE, ASE, IJCAI, COLING, ECAI, CLOUD, ICWS, ICSOC, SocInfo, SCC, RE, and in journals such as JAAMAS, PLOS ONE, IEEE TCSS, IEEE Internet Computing, KER. I have received one best paper award in ICSOC, 2015 and one best demo paper award in ICSOC, 2019. I am serving or have served as a program committee member for the following conferences: AAAI, COLING, CIKM, IJCAI, AAMAS, ECML-PKDD, CLOUD, ICDCS, ICWS, ICSOC, SCC, BPM, PST, and PRIMA.

I have filed around 54 patents and out of them 28 are granted.

I graduated from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, US where I completed my MS (Fall, 2013) and Ph.D. (Summer, 2016) in Computer Science under the guidance of Prof. Munindar P. Singh. I completed my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from the College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, India (Summer 2008).

  • MS Thesis : Muon: Designing Multiagent Communication Protocols from Interaction Scenarios

  • Phd Thesis : Understanding Human Communication to Estimate Trust, Hierarchy, and Performance

During my PhD, I interned at

  • HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA (Mentors: Hamid R. Motahari Nezhad , Claudio Bartolini)

  • US Army Research Labs, Aberdeen, MD (Mentors: Norbou Buchler, Arwen Decostanza)[predoctoral ORISE Fellow]

I have mentored/mentoring the following Summer interns at Dataminr.

  • Suman Dowlagar, Fall 2022 (PhD Candidate, IIIT Hyderbad)

I have mentored/mentoring the following Summer interns at IBM.

  • Tishauna Wilson, Summer 2021 (MS Candidate, Virginia Tech)

  • Hiwot Tadasse, Summer 2021 (Senior, Benedict College)

  • Joymallya Chakraborty, Summer 2020 (PhD Candidate, NC State)[joined Amazon post graduation]

  • Haan Johng, Summer 2019 (PhD Candidate, UT Dallas)

  • Hoang Ho, Summer 2019 (PhD Candidate, UMASS)[joined Apple post graduation]

  • Daniel Gordon, Summer 2019 (Sophomore, University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago)

  • Tarek Sakakini, Summer 2018 (PhD Candidate, UIUC) [joined Amazon post graduation]

  • Liana Lin, Summer 2017 (PhD Candidate, NC State)[joined IBM T.J. Watson post graduation, Now in LinkedIn]

I have mentored/co-advised following MS or PhD students

  • Rahul Yedida, mentoring with Tim Menzies, 2021-ongoing (PhD Candidate, NC State)

  • Suma Kasa, co-advisor with Munindar Singh, 2020-2021 (MS Thesis, NC State) [joined Amazon post graduation]

  • Parth Diwanji, mentored with Munindar Singh, 2020-2021 (MS, NC State) [joined Google post graduation]

  • Arvind Kumar, mentored with Munindar Singh, 2020-2021 (MS, NC State) [joined Facebook post graduation]


  • Dec, 2022: Invited PC Member, IJCAI, 2023

  • Nov, 2022: Rising Star Award from NC State Computer Science Department

  • Feb, 2022: Our AST paper on CrawLabel got accepted

  • Jan, 2022: Joined Dataminr as a senior research scientist

  • Dec, 2021: Open Source Recognition Program (Kubernetes Stack - Significant Contributors)

  • Dec, 2021: Received Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

  • Oct, 2021: Selected as 2021 Class of Master Inventors

  • Sept, 2021: Invited PC Member, AAAI, 2022

  • Aug, 2021: Released the open-source version of ACA (link)

  • Aug, 2021: Paper on the impact of hyper-parameter tuning on refactoring algorithms accepted to ASE

  • July, 2021: Tutorial on application modernization and refactoring accepted to ASE

  • July, 2021: Change Action Discovery and ACA papers got accepted to IEEE Cloud

  • July, 2021: Mono2Micro paper got accepted to ESEC/FSE industry track

  • Jun, 2021: Mono2Micro is shortlisted as a finalist in CogX awards

  • May, 2021: Received Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

  • Apr, 2021: Invited PC Member, CIKM, 2021

  • Mar, 2021: Invited Industry Track Co-Chair ICSOC (icsoc-2021)

  • Jan, 2021: Mono2Micro got GAed (link)

  • Dec, 2020: Received Research Accomplishment

  • Nov, 2020: Accepted DeveloperWeek Talk on ACA

  • Oct, 2020: Received Twelfth Plateau Invention Award

  • Oct, 2020: COLING short research paper got accepted

  • Sept, 2020: Invited PC Member, AAAI-21 Demonstrations

  • Aug, 2020: Received High Value Patent Awards

  • Aug, 2020: ACA got GAed

  • Aug, 2020: FSE demo paper got accepted

  • Mar, 2020: Received Eleventh Plateau Invention Award

  • Mar, 2020: Received Outstanding Technical Achievement Award